Yesterday, we had a great time during the "Heart at Work" Seminar. We've learned a lot from Six Seconds EQ Coach Mr. Bernard Marquez on how our emotions play a big part in productivity and work satisfaction. 

Photo Taken from Heart@Work May 17, 2013 – Next run coming soon!

I had the chance to chat with two interesting people too. Joey is a young IT professional who I believe will stumble on something interesting soon. And Ms. Michelle, a teacher by heart, who is currently learning how to operate the construction supply business that her husband started 10 years ago. 

What I appreciate is the fact that both of them are eager to improve and grow in what they do. I get encouraged whenever I meet people like them. 

We'd like to thank everyone who attended the workshop yesterday. May your quest for learning bring you success.

Our next learning session will be an interesting one entitled "WIN in Your First 30 Days in Sales: Sales Lessons for Non-Sales People." This will be on June 14. If you've been thinking of starting a sales career, but have no clue where to start, this learning session is perfect for you. 

See details HERE.