How you feel about your work (and life) will influence the quality of your output or your performance. That's why when we feel down, stressed, or overwhelmed, it affects our work. 

The good book says "The heart is deceitful above all things..." (Jer 17:9) This is probably the reason why we buy stuff we already know we can't afford or don't really need – simply because we feel like buying it. 

We all tend to make "emotional choices" all the time – instead of logical ones. 

But here's the most important part… 

The heart is also the "well spring of life." When our heart is in the right condition, you can expect good things to flow from it. 

Guard your heart at all times for this will determine your future or where you're headed.

Don't just 'do your work' for the sake of doing it. How we feel about our work, ourselves and our life matters a lot.

This coming May 17, my good friend (one of the people I look up to) who is a Certified EQ Coach, Mr. Bernard Marquez, will conduct a seminar or a workshop entitled "HEART at WORK" This is going to be a fun learning session. If you attend, you'll hear more about what I've written in here. 

You can check out the details here: HEART at WORK