Blogging for a Purpose – Week 1

I've been given the privilege to teach 10 students (12-14 years old home schoolers) on how to "Blog for a Purpose." This will go on for 8 weeks. At the end of the program, I hope that they'll be able to find their voices and use their blogs to make a difference in their generation. 

Here's the transcript:

Good afternoon! My name is Yeng Remulla. Welcome to the "Blogging for a Purpose" class.

I own a blog called "Productive Pinoy." This blog started around 2008. My original intention was to journal the things that I've learned in business and in life. 

This blog branched out to what's known today as the Productive Pinoy book – 19 positive reviews as of date, making it one of the most recommended reads this 2012. The book is now available in 100+ bookstores nationwide.

My blog has allowed me to ...
• help others by giving practical tips or advice 
• provide motivation or inspiration to others 
• promote other people's work
• organize my ideas/thoughts and develop my writing skills 
• journal my learnings and later on jumpstart a book 
• promote the Productive Pinoy book and connect to its readers
sell my book online
• organize events like this.
• get invitations to speak to organizations about productivity
• collaborate with other awesome bloggers like this group
• get invitations to write for publications
• meet other bloggers and champions in their industries 

In this class, I'd like to help you start a blog that you can use to make a difference.

As a student in this class, you're expected to …
1. Join the discussion.
2. Research on your own. (consider Google to be your best friend!)
3. Probe and ask questions.

Let's start our discussion!

What is a blog?
‘From “Web log.” A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”
Unlike the usual "website"...
Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order, with the most recent additions featured most prominantly.’

Blogs are used in different ways. Each blogger has his own reason or purpose why he or she blogs. 

This person is a big fan of Justin Bieber... 
As a former CEO of Thomas Nelson, one of the biggest publishing company in the world, Michael Hyatt is blogging to help aspiring authors to succeed and get published.
My friend Ruffy Biazon blogs about his insights on good governance.
The Act Like a Man blog answers the tough questions on manhood.

How about a blog that's specifically written for librarians?

These are just a few examples of the blogs you'll find online. 

DISCUSSION: Why do you think people blog? (below are the answers from our discussion)


1. To teach

2. To sell their services or build their expertise

3. To express their art

4. To influence people or change the world

5. To improve their writing / or clarify their thinking

6. For fun or entertainment

7. To stay connected

8. To make money

Why blog? Who are you writing for? What would you like to change?

The first step in blogging is to know your purpose.

1. Draw/illustrate the blog that you're planning to start.
2. Tell us something about your blog. What makes it different?

Elise will blog about the music of her generation – and how it could be better.

Gab will blog about his insights on science and sports.

Spring and Joaquin will journal their learnings from their home schooling classes.

Sam will start a photo blog – "The world through her lens"

Trey will start a blog called "" – a blog that will encourage teenagers to live according to God's Word. 

It was refreshing to hear from them! I'm excited for week 2!