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"He reminds me of Ramit Sethi without the snark, Seth Godin with his simple but sensible, often bordering on brilliant, thoughts, and Malcolm Gladwell with his pop culture references and perceptive observations. But all with a wonderful Pinoy flair." [read full review]

– Van is the author of the blog www.shedmom.com Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter @vansalas.

Manila Reviews
"Reading his book gave me a lot of AHA! moments. The book is simply ‘inspiration’ to all of us who want to start our own businesses. If you need to jumpstart the work you’ve been dreaming of, grab a copy of this book!" [read full review]

– Ginger Arboleda is a banker by day and a blogger at night – a prolific writer in ManilaReviews.com. She has worked for several advertising agencies, in the banking industry and is now a serial entrepreneur. 

"What I like about the book is that it’s based on the author’s personal experience and the situations that he uses is very much Filipino. It makes it easy for us to understand and relate to it, it becomes easier to digest and absorb. Makes you stop and say “Oo nga noh?!“[read full review]

– Ryan San Juan is the author of the blog, Anak ng Pasig.com. Like his Facebook Page here.


Entrepreneur Philippines
"What makes a Filipino entrepreneur different from other entrepreneurs? 

It's what Yeng Remulla answers in this book.

As an entrepreneur himself, Remulla talks about some of the Filipino traits and values that shapes how business is done here in the country. From the infamous Filipino time to takaw-mata the book takes you through wit and humor about the Filipino entrepreneur." [read full review]

– Visit Entrepreneur.com.ph and their Facebook page.

HeaRty's Haven
"It’s like enrolling in trainings like time management, productivity and 7 habits of highly effective people rolled into one. The book is truly a gem and I’m NOT exaggerating." [read full review]

– Rochelle Sy Chua is the author of the top-ranked blog HeaRty's Haven and a contributor for the Manila Bulletin. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter @rochellesychua.

Randell Tiongson
"I’m enjoying Productive Pinoy book and it is teaching me so much on how to improve things I normally do. A highly recommended book not just for entrepreneurs but for everyone." [read full review]

– Randell Tiongson. Named as one of the 12 most influential people in Personal Finance in the Philippines. He is also a Columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Money Sense Magazine. Learn financial stewardship, read his blog and 'like' Randell's FB Page.

Hon. Ruffy Biazon
"Simple, but witty. Humorous, but life-changing. Entertaining, but convincing. Productive Pinoy serves as a roadmap towards achieving maximum productivity, tapping into a person's full potential in a distinctly Pinoy context.

– Hon. Ruffy Biazon. Three-term Congressman of Muntinlupa City, 2001-2010, Bureau of Customs Commissioner 2011–present. Visit Ruffy's blog blog.

I am Ariel Larisan
"It’s a breath of fresh air in this world where everyone seems to put down each other. In Productive Pinoy, Yeng tells you, like a real friend, those little lessons he learned from his dealings with people as an entrepreneur, a father, and as a person — a Productive Pinoy, that is." [read full review]

– Ariel Lalisan. Influential Blogger, Teacher, Artist & Adventurer • After reading Ariel's blog, I realized that you can make a difference in your profession and still live your life as an adventure. Here's my favorite post from Ariel – Life is Too Short.

Ms. Michelle-Orosa Ople
"Productive Pinoy is one of those books you'll need a highlighter beside you to enjoy. There are just so many bright insights to take home and chew on--the type of lessons so simple, and yet can change lives and inspire."

"We at Oplan Asenso are truly honored to have met Yeng and co-labor with him to help Pinoys realize their true potential for excellence, productivity and greatness. This book is key to that vision. More power!"

Ms. Michelle-Orosa Ople. Co-host of the Radio TV Show 'Oplan Asenso' with Mr. Gerard Dela Pena. Tune in to 92.3 News FM RadyoSingko Aksyon TV5 every Saturday, 12pm – 2pm. Like their page –facebook.com/oplanasenso.

Joel Pablo Salud
"The book, Productive Pinoy, deals with every angle of personal and professional status in much the same manner as a father to a child, or a friend to a fellow friend. Simple, yet enlightening. Nothing can be more handy in a time like ours." [read page 28]

– Joel Pablo Salud. Editor-in-Chief of Philippines Graphic Magazine, the country's top newsweekly and literary publication under the ALC Group of publications, which includes the Business Mirror.

Act Like A Man Blog
"Yeng’s writing reminds me of Seth Godin, my favorite author. Every page of the book is filled with lessons you can apply practically in everyday living and working." [read full review]

– Dennis Sy is the blogger of Clueless Church Planter and Clueless Daddy and the Senior Pastor of Victory Greenhills. Husband to Thammie Sy, and father to two beautiful girls. A clueless church planter, a frustrated sociologist and an aspiring missiologist. Follow his tweets – @DennisSy.

Every Peso Counts Blog
"While the book makes straightforward suggestions, it doesn't fail to mix statements with humor. As I said, I always brought the book with me and read on public transport vehicles such as a Jeepney. It will spontaneously make you laugh and can literally make you look crazy." [read full review]

Tim Samaniego is the writer of Every Peso Counts. The blog is a useful resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. Like the Page!

Pinay Mommy Online
"I have been an avid reader of self-help books and most of them were written by foreign authors. This one has a different impact on me because it was written having my own culture and feelings in mind." [read full review]

Ruby Ricafrente is the blogger behind the vibrant blog Pinay Mommy Online. She's a hands-on mom, full-time wife and an online blogger/entrepreneur. Like her page!

School Librarian in Action
"What I like about his book is the way he tells these real life experiences in bits of stories, like vignettes that pinches the heart and punches the gut." [read full review]

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga. School Librarian, Teacher, Storyteller, Writer and Reading & Literacy Advocate. She co-authors the upcoming book "Tales From the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories" with Dianne de Las Casas who is in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is one Filipino book I will definitely buy.

Manila Reviews
"Kuddos to the author Yeng Remulla for coming up with such an insightful, challenging, and inspirational book. It is definitely a book that will make you think back on how you lived your life and how you want to live from now on." [read full review]

– Ginger Arboleda is a banker by day and a blogger at night – a prolific writer in ManilaReviews.com. She has worked for several advertising agencies, in the banking industry and is now a serial entrepreneur. 

Joy's Flair
"Productive Pinoy, one of the BEST Filipino penned book that I highly recommend!" [read full review]

– Joy Blanca, Blogger. Winner – Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011, Stay-at-home mom, with a loving and supportive husband and two sons. A homebody and a blogger. Get very useful and practical tips from her blogs – Joy's Flair & Notepad Corner.

Ariel Marquez
"An enriching book that is full of nuggets of wisdom to live by. This little book can impact its readers in a big positive way. Yeng has taken some of life's important lessons and put it in a simple, interesting yet convicting package. I highly recommend this book!”

Ariel Marquez is the Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship Alabang. A thriving Church in Muntinlupa with almost 10,000 members. Visit Victory Alabang – Festival Mall (Sundays, 9am, 11:00am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm & 7pm) 

Ardy Abello
"A practical guide to making proper use of your time and resources without losing your Pinoy identity. Yeng is able to flip the coin and present the positive side of a negative Pinoy mindset. Productive Pinoy is packed with nuggets of valuable truth and practical applications."

– Ardy Abello. Top-ranked Motivational Speaker, Productivity Coach and President of Business Works,Inc. He is the only Filipino among the 51 distinguished speakers in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year. He is one of the best speakers today in the Philippines. 

"...this book is filled with positive traits about Filipinos. As you read them, you'll feel a revolution inside of you and make you more proud of being a Filipino." [read full reviewd=]

– Malvin Dinlasan is a marketing professional, a serious event organizer and a ministry leader. He is also the blogger behind The "BroTalks" Blog.

Transformational Leadership Blog
"I found myself breezing through the book in just a day! That's how fun it is to read Productive Pinoy" [read full review]

– Mighty Rasing is the writer behind the Transformational Leadership Blog. He has served as the National President of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines from 2006 to 2008. Know more about him – visit the blog and like the Facebook page.

Gospel Yoyo Man
"Yeng is not selling a book but a revolutionary lifestyle! Passionate to bring the excellent in the Pinoy to the fore, Yeng succeeds in providing that friendly nudge to wake us all up out of slumber!"

Cornel Bongco. The Transformentor, the Gospel Yoyo Man and the resident analyst of the business TV show "Perspectives" for GNN Channel. 

Iris Acosta
"Inspiring. This book has certainly awakened my benevolent consciousness, especially towards life." [read full review]

– Iris Acosta is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts in Miriam College and a Digital Media Specialist by profession. She blogs about latest events, media coverage, press release, shows and more at pinayads.com.