YENG REMULLA is the author of two books, PRODUCTIVE PINOY and the newly released book, START SOMETHING.

The book PRODUCTIVE PINOY has received a collection of outstanding reviews from influential people in business, government, church and media. Entrepreneur.com.ph featured it as a must read for the Pinoy entrepreneur.

Read the book reviews here.

He has been invited by many organizations to speak about entrepreneurship, productivity and the art of starting.

Premier Thought Leaders Conference

iCHANGE conference in Bacolod

The START SOMETHING Event @ Big Shift Studios

92.3 NewsFM Oplan Asenso Aksyon TV Guesting

Radio Guesting 92.3 NewsFM

At the age of 19, Yeng started a small business where he learned the “ins and outs” of becoming an entrepreneur.

Today, he is a real estate investor who operates rental properties. Recently, he has also expanded his real estate business into the "renovate and sell" market.

Yeng is also the founding partner of START LEARNING, an initiative under Meaningful Work Publishing that organizes learning sessions or events facilitated by different speakers known in their fields.

The "I am a Productive Pinoy" page in Facebook has reached over 30,000 followers – making it an influential voice in the country.


Twitter: @productivepinoy

Facebook: facebook.com/yeng.remulla

Email: productivepinoy@gmail.com