The purpose of a business isn't just to maximize profits or to make money. Doctors make money, but their purpose is to heal people.

Behind every successful entrepreneur or a business, you'll find a deeper mission or purpose that fuel its growth.

By focusing on letting "Every Juan to Fly", Cebu Pacific holds the biggest market share (46%) on domestic flights.

Jollibee was able to beat McDonalds in the Philippines by making it their mission to satisfy the Pinoy taste buds.

While Hapee (Lamoiyan Corp), not only makes toothpaste, but also employs deaf-mute workers as a way to serve the community.

Other than to make money or to make ends meet, why are you starting or running a business?

What makes it worthwhile?

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I'll be giving a talk on how to Start a Business this August 3, Saturday, at the Malayan Plaza Hotel Ortigas. If you've been wanting to put up a business, this will be an interesting learning session for you. 

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