10 Business & Life Lessons from The Movie We Watched Last Night (that you probably watched too)

1. Do not be too in a hurry. It's better to build slowly, but surely. Haste often leads to waste. 

2. Allow yourself to make mistakes early while your business is still small. Why? Because you won't be able to afford the same mistakes on a bigger scale. 

3. Be conservative. Compute your costings with extra care. 'Shortcomings' will come from shortcuts. 

4. As you grow your business, grow your leadership and management competence.

5. The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, until you hit the first dead end. That's when it becomes very exciting!

6. Be man enough to face the problem. And face it, at times, you will be the problem.

7. Do not compare your pace (of success or failure) to that of others. Faster is not always better.

8. It's lonely at the top when you don't let others keep you company. 

9. You are partners with your wife, not just in some areas, but in all areas of your life. 

10. First build a "home", then build your dreamhouse. In that order. 

PS. Guess what movie? I'll give you a SECOND CHANCE to guess.



Give your best at work. Do more than what is required. Make people (customers or stakeholders) happy.

But right after that, draw a line and set your boundaries. Get some rest, invest your time with your family, or make time for your health. Don't let "anxious toil" drive your everyday life. 

Yes, there will always be more work to do tomorrow. But God also gives rest to his loved ones and faithfully provides even when you are asleep. 

Let go of your guilt – take your rest. Tomorrow, you'll get a new day to give your best. 



1. Be thankful for the work that you do. 
You may not have the job or business that you were hoping for. At least, not yet. But could it be that God is still preparing you?

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

2. Be constructive, and don't be a "complainer." 
We are all in the business (or jobs) of solving problems. Instead, always think or offer, "How can I help?"

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

3. Work as if it was "God's business." 
• Arrive on time for work. If you can't be on time, be 10 minutes early. Time and effort translate into results. Be faithful with how you spend every minute or every resource.

• Unless you were hired as a social media manager, limit your social media use during work hours. Focus on the work at hand. See Pr. 28:19 

• When God examines your resume, you want him to read "faithful even with the little." That automatically qualifies you to a promotion.

4. Respect your bosses, that is grace at work.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear – Ephesians 4:29

5.  Always be fair, if not, be generous. 
Be ready to give more than what is required. See: Proverbs 11:1

6. Maintain healthy relationships with the opposite sex. 
Be careful, be considerate and be respectful. See: 1 Cor 7:2

7. Choose to do what is right, over what is the popular. 
Live and practice what you've learned from the bible.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Rom 12:2

8. Develop your skill-set. 
Prepare, because God will open bigger doors for you.

Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men – Proverbs 22:29

9. Extend the opportunities to others. 
You are blessed, so be a blessing. And then, later on, you might just see them bless others as well.

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that hey may have something to share with anyone in need. – Ephesians 4:28

10. Share the Gospel. 
As they see how you live, tell others about the amazing things the LORD has done for you!


Decisions That Are Key to Success

Success isn't just a destination where you "arrive." But is built (or lived) one decision at a time – over a long period of time. 

And the decisions that make a lot of difference aren't the obvious ones or the ones visible to the naked eye.

In my life, here are just some of the important decisions that I take seriously:

1. To Honor God in everything that I do.

2. To be faithful to my wife. To raise my children well and prepare them for the challenges of life. To prioritize my time with family. 

3. To do good and give back to community whenever possible.

4. To always under-promise, then over-deliver.

5. To solve problems, instead of complaining. 

6. To continuously sow, so I can regularly reap.

7. To invest for the long-term. (time, money, relationships)

8. To improve continuously in everything that I do. (real estate, entrepreneurship, personal finance, speaking, writing, etc)

9. To respond well to challenges. (God will allow trials to build our character)

10. To never compare myself to others. Because of God's grace, I can be content regardless of how much I have or don't have.

What are the decisions that are key to your success?


What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

As the new year begins, many experts, teachers or gurus will try to challenge you by asking that question.

Thinking that you couldn't fail is pretty inspiring. And the emotional high might just compel you to take a leap of faith.

But here's the thing, the reality, the spoiler, sooner or later, YOU WILL FAIL. One way or the other.

There's no such thing as a "sure win."

If you believe otherwise, then you are missing the point.

Yes, taking a step of faith is a risk, but it's a risk worth taking.

The real question should be, "After you fail, what do you intend to do?"

Will you find something (or someone) to blame? Will you learn from your mistakes? Or will you quit or try again?

Every detour or set back has its purpose. You may not understand it for a while, but when you look back, it will all make sense.

Be faithful. Follow through. Be willing to make changes.

Time for a better question...

"Will you start even if you know you could fail?"


The First Thing To Do This Christmas

"When they saw the star, they were overjoyed” – Mathew 2:10

My sister used to live in Baguio. We'd drive there about six times a year just to visit them.

Every time that we travel, the boredom of long drive sets in. "Are we there yet?" My kids at the back of the car would ask in 30 minutes interval.

For me, the STAR logo of Caltex in NLEX (or Shell Select) reminds me of the same STAR the Magi saw. Joy sets in knowing that I can stop and relax for a bit to buy chocolate, chips, siopao, chicharon, atbp.

After another 3 hours of driving, I see another star……STARbucks! (Sta. Lucia) Now, I am not only happy, but also awake and revived.

The Magi traveled from a far place but when they saw the star, they were OVERJOYED.

First thing I do from travel is to unload the baggage, freshen up, and then drink coffee.

The first thing the Magi did when they reached the place where Jesus was staying was to BOW down and WORSHIP Him. And then they presented their gifts to Him afterwards.

Let this be a time or a season of joy, praise and worship. This is not the time to be pressured with hectic schedules, never-ending parties or gift giving.

Let's pause for a moment and thank Jesus. He freely gave us a gift, not even one of us deserved. He loved us first even when we were incapable of loving. He deserves our attention, our adoration, and our praises.

All honor belongs to Him.


Living Your Second Wind

Last Saturday, we concluded our "Jumpstart Your Success" Workshop @ The FORT BGC.

After the learning session, I had the privilege to meet Cathy. She asked me to sign her copy of my book and was thanking us, the speakers, for the inspiring event.

She said that she wrote something down that she would like to read to me.

"You have awakened my soul… 
My passions... 
Adrenalin rush is pumping...
I want to live more and I don't want to lose my second wind…
To act…
To implement…
To be in the now…"

And then she smiled and told me, "I'm 7 years old." (which I didn't understand immediately)

Until she told me that she is a cancer survivor. She stayed for a while and shared to us her story.

I left the venue that night touched and more inspired by her.

Thank you Ms. Cathy for showing us how to be courageous and for reminding us to live fully.

Speaker Ardy Abello, Ms. Cathy Altonaga, Ptr,. Ariel Marquez, and Productive Pinoy Author Yeng Remulla (me) 


37 Lessons I've Learned So Far

Original: Nov 28, 2013
Updated: Nov 28, 2015

Turned 37 yesterday.

Here are 37 lessons I've learned so far:

1. Spend time with your family as much as you can. They are irreplaceable and your time is limited.

2. When you honor your father and your mother, things will go well with you.

3. Do something for someone. Generosity is more about giving of yourself.

4. God's way is way way better than your way. You already know that, but don't try to show otherwise.

5. Be best friends with your wife. She deserves your best self.

6. Every morning, tell your wife how pretty she is. Everybody happy!

7. Obey first, you can ask God later. 

8. A selfie-a-day will keep your friends away.

9. People can change … by the grace of God.

10. Your kids will follow what you do, not just what you say.

11. It takes the same effort to inspire people and to lecture people. You might as well inspire them.

12. Teach your kids to choose their friends well. Don't just impart knowledge, but also discernment.

13. The husband or the father is the spiritual leader of the family. Yes, you are.

14. Value friendships. Be the kind of friend who sticks closer than a brother.

15. Sometimes the smartest person in the room isn't the loudest one, but the quiet one. Listen more, speak less. 

16. Develop one talent, skill or ability at a time. And then when you are great at it, you can learn another one. 

17. Just be you. You don't need to be "the next ____________" of the industry.

18. Be "easy to work with." But to be able to do that, it will take a lot of effort on your part.

19. Surround yourself with people who will help you overcome your self doubts. People who aren't afraid to say "this could work."

20. There's a big connection between what you learn and what you earn. To earn more, learn how to do the challenging or the stuff other people aren't willing to figure out.

21. Set aside a part of your income – even before you get it.

22. If you are going to be working everyday for the rest of your life, you might as well choose the people you work with. 

23. The best idea doesn't always win. People don't just buy ideas. First, they will buy into the people behind the idea. 

24. Fail early. It's better to close a business while you are 25 than to lose everything when you are 60.

25. Don't be driven by hype. Always do the math.

26. Don't borrow money (you can't pay) to put up a business you haven't tested.

27. Start small, get better. It's the series of progress the you accumulate over time that leads to breakthroughs.

28. Everybody wants more time and money, but not everyone knows what to do with it when they get it.

29. Always be on time. If not, be early.

30. Plan and then Do. Most people get stuck with planning.

31. We can wait out of fear or out of faith. If we wait, even when we know it's time to act, then maybe we are just afraid to fail. But if we wait, convinced and trust that God will be the first to move, then our wait will not be vain.

32. You are where you are for a reason. Don't try to go on your own, let the Lord direct your steps.

33. The target is always moving. Don't ever think you've "nailed" it.

34. Preach what you practice.

35. Try to say "I'm sorry, I was wrong" more often. You'll skip the parts you might just regret.

36. Don't ever believe that you're not in any position to help. It may be little, but there's always something that you can do.

37. Honor the LORD in everything that you do. Your success is not your own doing, but a result of His favor.

YENG REMULLA is the author of the books, Productive Pinoy & Start Something. Read the book reviews HERE.


Bibilib ka sa Pinoy

While in Tacloban, one of our teammates overheard an interview between a reporter and a tricycle driver.

Reporter: "Di po ba kayo aalis ng Tacloban?"

Tricyicle Driver: "Kung nung bago dumating ang bagyo ay hindi kami umalis, ngayon pa na tapos na ang bagyo?"

I agree – the Filipino Spirit is stronger than any typhoon.


What I've Learned from the Man I Met on the Plane Going to Tacloban

Day 9 after Yolanda. 

On the plane going to Tacloban, I was sitting beside a man in his late 30s. You can see worry in his face. He was bothered, a bit tense.

He asked me, "Are you from Tacloban?" I said I'm from Manila and going to Tacloban to deliver relief goods and equipments for our church there.

So I asked him, "Ikaw sir?" 

"I work in Australia. My family is in a nearby town in Leyte. They're safe, but we lost everything." 

At that moment, I didn't know what to say. All I can do was to listen and share the moment with him. 

He then told me that he was only able to contact his family on the 4th day after Yolanda. I can't imagine how he must have felt waiting that long to get their call.

When the plane was about to land, he looked outside the window. You can see how eager he was to see his family. At the same time, he was in disbelief.

And then he told me something I won't forget. He said, "Thank you for coming to Leyte. Thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to help out your kababayans. We will need it. God bless you."

Wala pa kong ginagawa pinapasalamatan nya na ko. I felt humbled.

We were spared from this disaster. That could have been you or me. 

There is a big opportunity for us today. We have a window to show our love for our brothers and sisters in Visayas. We have to tell them and remind them that God has not forgotten them. 

Include them in your prayers. Continue to bless them. In your social media post, continue to share their stories and how people can be of help.  

It may take time, it will be challenging, and it seems impossible, but one thing is for sure, I know that God will bring healing and restoration in their city.


Why You Can't "Bag" a Client

"I just bagged another client." Whenever I hear this phrase, I can't help but smile. No client wouldn't want to hear you say that.

The truth is that you can't "bag" a client. In fact, you only have a business, a sale or a deal, because your client said yes.

The client picked you.

Things will go sour the moment you think you're a sales superstar, a money making machine, or a serial closer.

Treat your clients with respect. Work with them like they are your partners. Appreciate their business. It's when you do that you are more likely to serve them well.

YENG REMULLA is the author of the bestselling books, PRODUCTIVE PINOY & START SOMETHING. Hear him speak at the upcoming "JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS" Seminar this November 30 @ The FORT BGC! See details here: www.startlearningph.com


Forgive Quickly

I intentionally didn't write "forgive easily", but instead I wrote, forgive quickly.

It's not easy to forgive specially when you've been mistreated or have been offended.

But to forgive is not just for your offender's benefit, but also for your own.

To overlook an offense is a choice. And when you do, it's to your credit. You're giving yourself a chance to start all over, to move on, or to push forward.

Instead of getting stuck in the past, you get to focus on the good things ahead.

You have a God who forgave you quickly. No matter what wrong you've done.

Show the same kindness or graciousness. It's not only the best way to respond, but it can also be one of the best decisions that you can make.

YENG REMULLA is the author of the bestselling books, PRODUCTIVE PINOY & START SOMETHING. Hear him speak at the upcoming "JUMPSTART YOUR SUCCESS" Seminar this November 30 @ The FORT BGC! See details here: www.startlearningph.com


What's for Breakfast?

I went out of the house extra early this morning to go to McDonalds.

Seated near me were three men in their late 30s to mid 40s. By the way they were speaking, I'm guessing they are in the construction business. They are probably engineers.

What were they having for breakfast?

Politics, natural calamities, corruption, and conspiracy theories about the Marcoses.

Yes, in that order.

This made me realize how important it is to start the day right. 

You can...

Point out a problem or provide a solution.

Doubt or trust.

Complain or have gratitude.

And this morning, I'm proud of myself for choosing what is right -- Sausage, muffins & egg in a platter + Brewed Coffee.


What are you aiming for?

Without a goal or a vision, our days will just go to waste. It may sound like a cliche, but yes, life is short.

And what you do now matters. It will all add up. 

Be discerning, but don't be overly cautious. You'll learn more from the (unintentional) mistakes that you'll do.

Don't be driven by fear, but by the purpose that God has given you.

What are you aiming for?


The First Social Media Parenting Seminar in Manila

Entrepreneur & Productive Pinoy/Start Something Author, Mr. Yeng Remulla & Wife, Ms. Michelle Remulla

My beautiful wife and I together with our good friend and Social Media Strategist, Mr. Russel Patalinghog, talked at the first ever Social Media Parenting Seminar last Saturday held at Fully Booked BGC. Not only that it was a fun afternoon, but we also learned a lot from each other!

Social Media Strategist Mr. Russel Patalinghog

Thanks to my business partners and co-founders of Start Learning, Mr. Bob Barcebal and Ms. Kat Baylon for organizing this learning session. This is the first "non-business" program or topic we ever did as a company.

Start Learning Founders – Ms. Kat Baylon, Mr. Bob Barcebal & Mr. Yeng Remulla

Social Media has changed the way we all connect and share information. And as parents, we realized the need to prepare our children, not only for their offline life, but also for their ONLINE life. Whatever they do online is important – it's an extension of their "real" life.

Productive Pinoy & Start Something Author Mr. Yeng Remulla

In this learning event, we've given the parents specific tips on what they can teach their children to ensure their safety. And at the same time, we presented how they can use "social media" as a tool to raise productive kids. 

We're so glad to have met parents who were eager to learn. One thing they have in common is their passion to raise their kids well. Truly admirable.

The world has been changing and we believe that as parents we need to keep on learning too. 

We hope you'll join us next time! 

To find out the next schedule, please feel free to email startlearningph@gmail.com, contact (0917)4647528 or visit www.startlearningph.com

Photo courtesy of Mic Que.