Recently, my partners and I started a new training firm. (We help organizations improve their productivity, bring out their creativity and increase their sales)

Every Friday, we grab some donuts and coffee and discuss ways on how we can run our business effectively. 

One of our recent topics was the implementation of our 'Sales calls'.

We've agreed on one main thing – We need to sell 'without really selling'.

Here's what we came up with:

1. Focus on helping people rather than just closing the sale.
You don't want an aggressive or pushy salesman. Somehow, we need to show you (our clients) that we are here to help you – and that we're in it for the long-haul. We know you're smart! – You'll know if someone is just after your business.

This is challenging, but it's the right thing to do for our customers. 

2. Respect and value the time of our prospective clients.
How we present our services will show how much we care. A long presentation isn't always better. Our sales call will need to be short, sweet and enriching. We need to design it really well. 

[Tip : a superior 1-hour presentation will take at least 30 hours to design]

3. Be generous.
The "old marketing" was about taking from people. But we believe that being generous will pay better – It has always been better to give than to receive. 

That's why instead of selling to you right now, we've decided to give first. It may be a free book, a complimentary seat in a seminar, or a preview session – we believe that if we remain generous – sooner or later – it will pay off. (in direct or indirect ways)

In today's economy, organizations who are willing to give freely – will thrive.

4. We need to differentiate our promise. 
At the end of the conversation, the question remains... 

"Why hire us?" 

That's what we intend to answer!