What makes an expert?

A generic answer we often hear is that an expert is someone who has gained a lot of "experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, puts it more eloquently  – It takes 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert in any field.


Yes, maybe if it's just about counting the years in a calendar.

What's not obvious in that statement are the things that you should be able to do (and endure) to reach 10,000 hours. 

You're most likely to quit when... 
... a deal you've hoped for didn't push through 
... a lot of your attempts failed
... you hit a wall
... you feel like giving up

It's not just about the number of hours. It's what you learn in those hours and how you respond to situations not in your favor.

So I'd say, "An expert is someone who've made a lot of mistakes, persisted, and found ways to succeed."

We, Pinoys, grew up in an environment where our elders (parents, teachers, leaders) discouraged us from making mistakes. We were told that  in order to succeed, we need to follow the rules or the textbook. Only to find out later on that the "old rules" doesn't apply in today's world anymore.

While no one should aim for mistakes, we shouldn't be too afraid to make them as well. Making a mess is a part of learning. 

As a young entrepreneur, what proved to work for me is this saying – Fail fast, fail cheap and fail often. Do that, innovation, maturity and expertise will follow! [image credit]

YENG REMULLA is an entrepreneur of 15 years, the author of two books –Productive Pinoy and Start Something.

On August 3, Saturday, he will be facilitating a talk or workshop on Entrepreneurship at the Malayan Plaza Hotel Ortigas. To see the details or to register, simply click HERE and fill-out the form.