Three days ago, my wife and I celebrated our 13th year anniversary. It has been an adventure. 

Here are some of the things I've learned so far :

1. Two heads are better than one. 
My success as an entrepreneur, author and as a father was massively influenced by my wife. She told me I can do it – even when I doubted. She spoke the truth and argued when that was what I really needed. She held my hand, even after those days when I clearly made a bad decision.

Together, we are so much better.

2. It's an adventure.
Life, as most of us experience it, is filled with ups and downs. Those 'ups' were great, but the 'downs' played a big role – forcing us to communicate well and work on the same side. 

At the end of the challenges are twists that worked out for our own good. Whenever we look back, all we can do is to thank God for his favor in our lives.

3. It gets better.
My marriage is a treasure. Over time, I see how it appreciates (not depreciate) in value. The longer I am in it, the more I realize how blessed I am.

I'm really looking forward to what lies ahead of us. No doubt, it's going to be awesome. 

Realization: Marriages are meant to thrive, not just survive.