After one success after another, failing the next one can be a good reminder.

1. You're not Superman. 
You're probably multi-talented. But hey, we all have our limits. The sooner you find out where your boundary lines lie, the earlier you can focus on the work where you can excel or contribute well.

2. There's still so much to learn. 
The problem with success is that it tricks you into thinking that you already know everything. "Been there, done that. Now, I can also do that" is an expressway to failure. Guard your heart, remain humble.

3. Success or Failure isn't final. 
A failed attempt is just what it is, a failed attempt. You can leave it behind as long as you don't quit. Don't get stuck, move on or try again.

Now, when you succeed again...remember #1 and #2.

* * *

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