OMGPop is an online game maker that's about to run out of money and close its business. They've made 34 games – none of which was profitable enough to keep them going.

Until eight weeks ago – when they launched an online game called "Draw Something." It's like Pictionary for the iPhone.

People began downloading the game. They shared and played it with friends. Thousands of drawings were posted on Facebook and Tumbler. After 35 million downloads, it certainly became a huge hit.

Zynga (makers of Farmville & other hits) noticed, and became highly interested of the company. After a short negotiation, Zynga bought OMGPop for 180 Million.

Before the acquisition, Charles Forman, the founder, had $1,700 left in his bank. The next day, he made more than 22 million from the deal – a fortune he didn't expect.

It would have made sense to quit after 10, 20 or 30 attempts, but they continued to create games anyway.

The Takeaway – Consistently do your best. Every attempt is a step closer to a "huge hit." Persist. One day, it will payoff.