The First Thing To Do This Christmas

"When they saw the star, they were overjoyed” – Mathew 2:10

My sister used to live in Baguio. We'd drive there about six times a year just to visit them.

Every time that we travel, the boredom of long drive sets in. "Are we there yet?" My kids at the back of the car would ask in 30 minutes interval.

For me, the STAR logo of Caltex in NLEX (or Shell Select) reminds me of the same STAR the Magi saw. Joy sets in knowing that I can stop and relax for a bit to buy chocolate, chips, siopao, chicharon, atbp.

After another 3 hours of driving, I see another star……STARbucks! (Sta. Lucia) Now, I am not only happy, but also awake and revived.

The Magi traveled from a far place but when they saw the star, they were OVERJOYED.

First thing I do from travel is to unload the baggage, freshen up, and then drink coffee.

The first thing the Magi did when they reached the place where Jesus was staying was to BOW down and WORSHIP Him. And then they presented their gifts to Him afterwards.

Let this be a time or a season of joy, praise and worship. This is not the time to be pressured with hectic schedules, never-ending parties or gift giving.

Let's pause for a moment and thank Jesus. He freely gave us a gift, not even one of us deserved. He loved us first even when we were incapable of loving. He deserves our attention, our adoration, and our praises.

All honor belongs to Him.