"Ano bang trend ngayon?"

"Ano bang trend ngayon?"

Many aspiring entrepreneurs start with this question. But they fail to see that a trend may lead in two different directions – the upward trend and the down trend.

Copying a business concept because it's "uso" is one of the riskiest thing you can do. Don't assume that if it worked for them, that it will work for you too.

Look at what the market really needs, take inventory of your competencies, and then ask yourself if this is something you'd be willing to work hard on. 

Take that into consideration and then develop a product, a service or a concept that people (your customers) won't find elsewhere. 

YENG REMULLA is the author of the best-selling books Productive Pinoy & Start Something. An entrepreneur for 15 years, a real estate investor and the founder partner of START LEARNING.