Generosity, Prosperity, Chicken & Egg

I ordered two blended drinks from the counter. One for me and one for my son. We sat down and started doing our work. (I was working on something and my son was doing his school work)

We waited for our drinks and noticed that it was taking a bit longer than the usual. So, I stood up and politely asked the crew if the orders were ready. They told me they'll make sure to deliver it to my table as soon as it's ready.

After a few minutes, the drinks came along with two donuts.

Me: "I didn't order donuts."

Crew: "I'm sorry sir, your drink came in longer than the usual, the blender malfunctioned a bit. The donuts are for you. Thank you, sir, for waiting."

Me: "Ohhh… Thanks!"

I wasn't complaining. I wasn't even disappointed in any way. And yet, they gave me something to make up for this 'slight delay'. A simple "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" would've been enough, but they chose to 'delight' me instead.

The typical service business would say, "Ok lang yan, di naman sila nag complain, sabihin mo pasensya na" but Krispy Kreme built generosity into their culture.  

The Takeaway for Businesses – Service excellence should be dictated by YOU (the service provider) and not just by your customers. You don't need to wait for a complaint to do something nice for the customer.