1. Do something epic.

Whether the result is an epic fail or an epic win, those who are willing to take risks are the ones that will realize their full "potential." They become unforgettable by maximizing their talents or abilities to benefit others. 

Put out your best work. Go for an epic win. 

2. Make other people feel good about themselves.
An insecure leader will make the people around him... insecure.

An unforgettable leader will do the opposite, he makes himself relatable. Through his work, he makes the people around him feel good about themselves. 

3. Inspire laughter.
Laughter is the same in any language. Regardless of where you're from, laughter connects people. Unforgettable leaders know that people should laugh more often than needed. Progress almost always happens when it's interesting and fun!

Thank you Dolphy, the King of Comedy, (a.k.a Mang Kevin Cosme) for modeling the above three. 

* * *

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