YOUnique Book – Learn How to Succeed with Others

After reading several chapters of Jayson Lo's new book, YOUnique, I took the liberty to post an excerpt and a good take away.

Jayson writes …

Even though man can live alone, eat alone or survive alone, he was created to function in a community. Human beings are designed to be with other human beings. We are meant to be together with other people.
I like to think that "different" isn't spelled "B-A-D." I spell it, "G-O-O-D." Someone can be different and not be wrong. If everyone were like one person, then this planet would be a whole lot depressing to live in because we would do the same stuff again and again.

Jayson continues and takes it further…

When you look for team members, make sure you pick people who are different from you.

I couldn't agree more. Don't look for duplicates, or people who will think like you. It's good to be with people who sees the world differently. Not only will you find their insights valuable, but they will also most likely complement the work that you do.

The challenge is for YOU to know how to work with them and that's what Jayson answers in his book, YOUnique. 

Here's your chance to hear Jayson Lo talk about the four YOUnique personalities. Attend the YOUnique Conference on July 27, Friday. See the event details here. See you there.