A quote says, "There are three stages of a man's life:  He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus." 

We find this funny! And yes, admittedly, as Fathers, sometimes we feel that we are Santa Clause! 

While providing for our family is a big role, there are also other roles we ought to play. As a dad, I am…

…a PLAYMATE to my 6-year old son. Every night, Jaden would ask me, "Dad, can you play Tekken-6 with me?" I'd intentionally let him win the game from time to time. (Don't tell him!)

…a TEACHER/ENCOURAGER to my 9-year old son. Russel loves to sing. And every time I hear him, I'd say, "Wow Russ, you really sing well!"

…a COACH/ADVISER to my 13-year old son. Trey is now a teenager. I can't and shouldn't treat him the same way I treat his brothers. Over the years, I've seen him grow wiser. He is now capable of making decisions on his own. My role now as a father is to guide/coach him to make the right choices.

1. The first step is "to make a connection." They'll be eager to listen to you when they know that you're in tune with them. 

2. Teach them the important lessons in life. Before you do this, don't forget #1. 

As a father, the most important lesson for my children is this, "The only way to enjoy your life is to fear the Lord." (see Deut. 6:2) And the best way for me to teach this is to model it myself.

* * *

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