Lakas Chamba? Work effectively, don't just push harder.

"Lakas chamba" I'm sure you know people who win this way. Whether it's in billiards or in bowling, pushing harder may win you a game.

But to win consistently? That's another story.

New year is here. Resolution lists are longer than ever. You will find in people's list the following words ...

…to do more _______ be more _______
…to have more _______

…more, more, more.

Yes, productivity is about maximizing the output, but necessarily laboring more.

For a sales entrepreneur, it could mean talking to less people by selling to the right people.

For an office manager, it could mean implementing effective and efficient systems to get all the work done within the 9–5 window. (instead of just asking the workers for an overtime – all the time) 

For a leader, it could mean giving up control and allowing others to make wise decisions for the organization.

To win consistently, squeezing for 'more' isn't the answer.

Work effectively, don't just push harder.