Create your 'personal' mission statement.

Like a small rudder of a big ship, our tongue sets our direction. How we describe or verbalize our work will influence our decision, action and direction.

I like what my friend Malvin Dinlasan wrote in his blog.

"Our common mistake is we designed ourselves in what we think we are and not what we should be. For example, someone says "I am a teacher." Why not say "My passion is to help young individuals think more analytically so they can face the challenges of life."
"See the difference? The first statement is your profession – the uniform you wear that clearly professes what you do. The latter speaks about the purpose why you teach. Which is better?" [link]
Choose your words. Look at your work differently.

What's for 2012? Ask yourself the two questions found in this inspiring two-minute video. As soon as you figure it out, leave a comment please! (here or Facebook page)

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.