Don't write down everything. (Unless you are a journalist or a researcher)

I know. You already tried this. You even attempted to organize your notes by color, by topic or by date. But sad to say, you didn't get things done much this way as well.

Write with a purpose. 

Write to get things done. Write to bring clarity to your ideas. Write to communicate. Write to remind yourself. 

Write because you will read it later, not just for the sake of writing. 

The world wouldn't end if you miss writing something that's forgettable. 

What to write?

1. Your commitments. (to others and to yourself) 

2. Lists. (to do list, grocery list, etc.) Not only will you save time, but also free your mind for creative or analytical work.

3. Information you'll probably need in the next three months. 

4. Rare ideas.  Implement it soon or sell the idea to someone who can make it happen.

5. Your expenses. This will help you become aware of your spending habits.

6. Your goals. What are your goals and what are you willing to do to attain them?

One of the best approach is to do a mind map. I got this one from one of our mentors, Ms. Ivy Marquez

Happy writing!