"It's more fun in the Philippines" – Your part as a business owner, a professional and as a Filipino.

DOT has released a new campaign called "It's more fun in the Philippines." The slogan may not be an original, (Switzerland used it in 1951) but it's simple, catchy and true for us – today. (Try to ask a foreigner or a Balikbayan)

Besides, if you're one of those folks who saw the Swiss ad in your mid 20's, that means you're already in your mid 60s today… Seriously, what's fun today has changed!

"It's More Fun in the Philippines" became an online hit – a twitter trending topic worldwide. Pinoys we're able to identify with it.

You will also see awesome studies in Facebook that include photos of breathtaking places and what you can do in the Philippines. Simply "Put your catchy line in here. More fun in the Philippines."

You can't deny the potential. If implemented right, yes, it can boost tourism spending from both locals and foreigners.

But the challenging part is where to go from here. 

It may be a 'fun' campaign, but definitley it will also take a lot of work to make it really work. (Not just for the DOT, but also for the rest of us.)

How can we contribute to 'More Fun' ?

As a business owner or a professional who caters to tourist, (both local and foreign) consider 'fun' as a part of how you do business.

Whether you are operating a restaurant, a travel agency or a small shop, make the "whole experience" fun for your customers. (from booking, to shopping, to waving good-bye)

What you can do :

1. Customer Service Training.
Whether you own a small business or work in a big enterprise, you can empower your employees to 'make it fun' for your customers.

Don't let administrative "policies" hinder you from serving your clients well. Make it fun!

2. Make your website (or online correspondence) easy to understand or easy to use. Be easy to do business with.

It's funny how booking a flight can be difficult at times. Technology was supposed to make it easier for people. Yet, there are times it has become a hindrance instead.

Eliminate the unneeded steps. (read 'hassles') Make it simple, easy to use and straight-forward.

3. Don't just design products, design 'experiences' as well.

My friend Hans Co and his partners own a bike shop called Gran Trail Cycles. Yes, they sell cool bikes, but not just that – they also offer or design biking 'experiences'. 

"How about a bike tour to Sagada?" they asked. 

Re-examine the business you are in.

4. Be an ambassador of your own country.
Speak well of your country. Your words has the power of life and death. What you say will count. As a Filipino, you can help boost tourism by participating in this campaign. (even in your own small way)

Here's why I think the slogan is true:

"What differentiates the Philippines from every [other place] in the world, as we said from the start, is the Filipino. [It's] his special gift for transforming what is already a beautiful place into an unforgettable special place. You take two identical islands, put Filipinos in one, it’s going to be more fun there." 
– Ramon Jimenez, DOT Chief