Last Thursday was a great day for me. My meetings were productive. I met a few interesting people. And my business was doing well. You know those days when everything seems to be working for you? I went to bed that night sleeping like a baby. 

When I got up the next day, the first news I read was about a bank that went bankrupt. When I read the bank's name, I realized that it's one of the banks where I put extra money. That woke me up instantly! The money wasn't that much. (but enough for us to go on a family vacation)

So I called my assistant, and told him to go to the bank to find out what's happening. True enough, the bank was closed and was under receivership. (Good thing, the account is insured, so I'll probably get my money – hopefully, soon.)

That made me realize what the bible is really saying...

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal..." – Mathew 6:19-20

Realization: The safest place to store up treasures is not here on earth. Put your money (time, talent, resources) on things that will matter in the long haul. (eternity) The rewards and returns are far better – crowns that won't just fade away.

* * *

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It was painful for me to watch an insurance//investment agent try to sell to a thankless prospect. I was trying my best to mind my own business, but can't help but notice the two ladies in their 30s sitting near me in Starbucks. They probably went to the same school and met for this transaction.

"At what age would you like to retire?" the agent asked.

The client sipping her Frappuccino as if she didn't hear her. (Maybe she had no plans of retiring.)

"Ok, maybe when you're 60?" The agent smiled.

Without saying any word, the client's facial expression said it all, "What's with the questions?"

The agent took her calculator and started computing – you can feel the awkward silence between them.

"I just want to get it over with", her body language showed while waiting for the agent.

The polite agent continued her routine, and asked more questions. This time medical in nature. She filled out the forms while the client gave her answers – reluctantly.

"Did you ever have asthma?" 

"When I was a baby." The client replied.

"Do you still remember what age?"

"Baby nga!" [Client now a bit irritated...]

A few minutes later, I stood up because I had to go. No clue what happened next.

Selling can be a pain. But you can still avoid these unpleasant situations when you alter your approach. Yes, selling is hard, but it can be fun, interesting and rewarding too.


1. For some, 'buying' is a chore
Whenever you need medicines, all you have to do is to go to a drugstore counter with a prescription. As long as the service is quick and accurate, you don't need much pleasantries. The shorter I can get out of the drugstore, the better it is for me.

Many clients prefer that you simply provide what they need. "Just tell me how much to pay, where to sign, and make sure to answer my call in case I need help. No, I'd prefer for you not to explain everything to me right now. Make it hassle free for me today, I'll be happy to do business with you tomorrow or for the long haul."

They want it smooth, quick and straight to the point.

2. While for some, they expect 'buying' to be a great experience.
They want to enjoy the process of buying and to feel good about their decision.

When you're in a car dealership, you don't just point and pick a car. You pick the right color, ask about the engine, and go for a test drive. You take pleasure by smelling the interior of the brand new car in display. It's about the experience.

The Takeaway: Know what your clients prefer. Then approach them in the way they would want you to. Many times it's not just about the obvious. (not just about the price, discounts or added features that you can offer) And the only way to find out is to ask the right questions and to listen intently.

Some may need persuading, while others may have been decided to buy even before you met. (So convincing them further will do no good, but will come out as irritating) 

You can provide a 'buying experience' that's smooth or one that's truly memorable.   

You don't need to use 'the same sales pitch' to two different clients.  

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She got the lowest vote, and was about to go. At that time, it seems to be over for her.  She wasn't surprised. Like a real sport, she started singing her 'farewell' song.

While singing – Jennifer Lopez went up the stage, "Give me that mic! This is crazy! We're using the "save." You ain't goin' home! Go sit down!"

(A "save" is a one-time privilege of the judges to keep a contestant from being eliminated – it needs to be unanimous) Randy, Steve and Jennifer agreed to use this privilege to keep her on the show.

When Seacrest asked her how she felt, Jessica responded...

"I don't expect anything. I just do what I do. Whatever happens happens, and I just want people to know that I've been working hard my entire life..."

She may have the lowest vote that night, but she got the vote of the people who mattered – the judges.

The Takeaway – Go out there. Take a risk and do your best. When it gets tough, the people who "count the most" will vouch for your work.



OMGPop is an online game maker that's about to run out of money and close its business. They've made 34 games – none of which was profitable enough to keep them going.

Until eight weeks ago – when they launched an online game called "Draw Something." It's like Pictionary for the iPhone.

People began downloading the game. They shared and played it with friends. Thousands of drawings were posted on Facebook and Tumbler. After 35 million downloads, it certainly became a huge hit.

Zynga (makers of Farmville & other hits) noticed, and became highly interested of the company. After a short negotiation, Zynga bought OMGPop for 180 Million.

Before the acquisition, Charles Forman, the founder, had $1,700 left in his bank. The next day, he made more than 22 million from the deal – a fortune he didn't expect.

It would have made sense to quit after 10, 20 or 30 attempts, but they continued to create games anyway.

The Takeaway – Consistently do your best. Every attempt is a step closer to a "huge hit." Persist. One day, it will payoff.



We've been traveling a lot lately. Three days ago, we just came home from Baguio. Tomorrow, we'll be on a flight to Cebu for a short vacation. I guess it's that time of the year again.

Over the years, I've kept a list of things to purchase, prepare, or bring every time we travel. The last thing that you want is to forget something (and incur add expenses) while on your trip. 

Here's a list of what you may need for your summer get away.

Buy your tickets in advance. (Plane, ferry or bus) I know how hard you've worked (stalked) to get that 'piso fare' seat sale.

Plan the itinerary. Maximize the fun. Leave room for adjustments though, don't stress people out by being too rigid or too strict. Plan, but remain flexible!

☐ When traveling without the kids – Fix their schedule at home. Make sure they'll have fun things to do as well. Perhaps, you can invite their cousins or friends to sleep over?

☐ Traveling with a child on a plane? Here's a trick. Surprise him with a toy he's been wanting to buy. Don’t show it until you are on the plane. This should keep 'em busy.

Reminder: Make sure it's a single piece. You don't want toy parts falling off. Or else you'll spend your time on the airplane picking up toys on the floor.

Buy a “hand carry” bag. The more pockets, the better. This should make it easy for you to compartmentalize your stuff. Empty your pockets and put it all in there. (for faster security checks)

☐ For long flights – Bring a book, an ebook, or put a movie in your iPad, iPod or gadget. Catch up with The Walking Dead episodes or finally read what the 'Hunger Games' craze is all about.

Arrange/prepare your transportation. Make sure you have somebody to pick you up from the airport. Unless you are planning to take a cab. (also for your return trip)

☐ Road trip – Load the luggage the night before your departure. Relax, and worry no more.

Prepare the car – Make sure your car is ready. Your car might be dying to get a tune up. Check the oil. Fill-up the fuel. Pump the tires.

Check the spare tire. Make sure your tools are complete. (It's time for your neighbor to return the screw driver he borrowed last summer!)

Leave some emergency money at home.

☐ Leave the contact numbers of people to call just in case of an emergency. Stick it to the ref!

☐ Traveling on a budget? Eat at home or bring some snacks instead of buying food in the airport. A decent meal in the airport will cost you at least P200 or $4 per person.

Contact info/business cards of people you will need to meet on your trip. (business / leisure trips)

Wear something comfortable. Avoid anything that will give you a hard time when passing the metal detectors!

Easy slip-on shoes – for faster security checks.

Camera – Photos may be important to you, but don't overdo it to the point that your children thinks you're a paparazzi.

☐ Rechargeable Batteries, Memory Disks, Film, Tapes – (Jurassic era)

☐ Your mobile phone and iPod

☐ Shades, Cap, Headband, etc.

Print out of your plane e-ticket if you bought it online.

☐ Passports, 2 valid IDs and other important documents you may need.

Your wallet / credit card (stash some cash away somewhere else just in case you lose your wallet)

Loose change for small purchases and for tipping.

☐ If you are flying long hours, bring a book or an ebook that you can read.


Medicines (Bioflu, Benadryl, Tempra) [know the bottle size allowed on the plane]

☐ Chargers - Phone, iPod, iPad, Camera and Laptop.

☐ USB Storage, cables, adapters, etc.

☐ Clothes, accessories, shoes & slippers

☐ Extra bag for dirty clothes

☐ Traveling with Children – Bring some toys. Leave the bulky ones.

☐ For swimming – goggles, snorkeling gear, sunblock lotion/spray, swimwear, beach toys, beach bag, etc.

How do you keep your travel free of headaches? Share your ideas to us. Feel free to print this page in case you want to use it as a checklist!



Recently, my partners and I started a new training firm. (We help organizations improve their productivity, bring out their creativity and increase their sales)

Every Friday, we grab some donuts and coffee and discuss ways on how we can run our business effectively. 

One of our recent topics was the implementation of our 'Sales calls'.

We've agreed on one main thing – We need to sell 'without really selling'.

Here's what we came up with:

1. Focus on helping people rather than just closing the sale.
You don't want an aggressive or pushy salesman. Somehow, we need to show you (our clients) that we are here to help you – and that we're in it for the long-haul. We know you're smart! – You'll know if someone is just after your business.

This is challenging, but it's the right thing to do for our customers. 

2. Respect and value the time of our prospective clients.
How we present our services will show how much we care. A long presentation isn't always better. Our sales call will need to be short, sweet and enriching. We need to design it really well. 

[Tip : a superior 1-hour presentation will take at least 30 hours to design]

3. Be generous.
The "old marketing" was about taking from people. But we believe that being generous will pay better – It has always been better to give than to receive. 

That's why instead of selling to you right now, we've decided to give first. It may be a free book, a complimentary seat in a seminar, or a preview session – we believe that if we remain generous – sooner or later – it will pay off. (in direct or indirect ways)

In today's economy, organizations who are willing to give freely – will thrive.

4. We need to differentiate our promise. 
At the end of the conversation, the question remains... 

"Why hire us?" 

That's what we intend to answer!