1. SEEK 
"Seek" is a proactive word. It means to "attempt to find" or "to attempt to obtain or achieve."

Many times we don't seek (or attempt) because we are afraid that we won't find anything. 

The good news is that if you seek, you will find. But you have to look in the right direction. Contrary to many beliefs, we are not in control of our own lives. We need to seek the One who is. 

We may not even know what's best for us, but God surely knows. 

Many people make a 'wish list' and hope that their dreams/goals in life will just come to pass. That's hardly how things work. God isn't a genie in a lamp.

You need to respond to His will. It may be risky. It may look impossible. It may not even make sense. But with faith, you can believe. 

But don't stop there. You'll also need to take action. You need to believe not only that He will grant favor upon you, but that He will also enable you. (No matter how challenging the task seems.)

Stop waiting and start seeking. 

Don't worry, you'll know it when it's time to respond.