After years of studying, it's tempting to go PMA. (Pahinga-Muna-Anak)

Before taking that long awaited break you've been dreaming of, allow me to offer some "unconventional" advice that you may want to consider.

1. When choosing a career or putting up a business – find the "Sweet Spot."

Note: You won't know which work will be 'enjoyable' for you until you give it a try. I thought entrepreneurship wasn't for me. (I loved music. I played for a band. I thought I just wanted to become a rockstar.) But when my first store opened its door for business, the entrepreneur in me was awakened.

2. To succeed, it's not just about what you know anymore.
You did well in school? Good for you! That may help. 

Just keep in mind that the world is constantly changing. And so does how businesses are built or how jobs are designed.

Now that information is readily available online, it's not just about what you know anymore. What will set you apart is how you use or translate these information into 'something of value'. 

3. Think long-term.
You may have short-term needs, but it's best to decide by weighing the long-term effect.

Sooner or later, you'll meet a boss that you won't like. Is it a cue for you to quit your job? The situation may vary, but it's better to stick with an uptight boss whom you can learn from, than a boss who acts like a peer and just wants to "hang out." 

Your choices today will affect your future.

4. Instead of racing to get ahead, be a person of value.
Nobody can succeed on their own anymore. We live in an 'era of collaboration'. Those who work well with others are now the most sought after. (even more valuable than superstars)

Whenever a valuable player joins a game, people instantly see the difference. Everybody on that team wins. 

A person of value is a game changer. Be that kind of player.

* * *

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