Here's a young man diagnosed with something that's suppose to limit him. Even so, he decided to carve his own destiny.

21-year old Franco Cagayat was diagnosed with autism when he was 9 years old. But with his parents' loving care and his strong passion and love for what he does, he now excels in what he does.

Not just an ordinary sculptor, but an artist, with a promising future. A True Productive Pinoy.



Magaling ang Pinoy makisama.

Survey says that the number one success factor of distinguished Entrepreneurs are credited to their ability to get along with people.

That's an advantage for us Pinoys in the world of business. We are known to be easy to get along with. “Pakikisama” is a positive trait we are known for.

Maybe it's also one of the many reasons our OFWs succeed in foreign countries. Majority of Pinoys are easy to get along with, easy to please and easy to talk to.

We can use this pakikisama trait to productive use. Not for others to take advantage of us, but for us to be able to sincerely help others succeed.

If you're good at getting along with people, you will attract people who'll be more than willing to help you succeed as well.

Productive Tips:

  • Eradicate crab-mentality. Let’s celebrate when one of ours succeeds.
  • Let’s not think of ourselves highly than others, but consider others better
  • Let’s participate and support projects that will build a better community




A boxing match doesn't start in the ring, it starts in a press conference. For some reason, boxers 'bad mouth' their opponent as if the points were counted.

As a boxer, no matter how tough you sounded while holding the mic, if your opponent in the ring gets the chance to punch you really hard in the chin first, most likely you'll be knocked out.

You can keep on telling people you're a champ, but your words won't matter if you get knocked-out first.

Remember when you were a child? You believed every funny and scary story your uncle told you. As if it's a fact. Then you tell the same stories to your friends. Only embarrassed to find out later on that the stories were just fiction. (Kwentong Barbero!)

That's when you decided to pay attention to their action instead of just the words they say.

Why does action speak louder than words?

Unlike words, your actions can't lie. Instead, it confirms what's in your thoughts or intentions. You can retract a statement or change your opinion anytime but you can't undo something that's already done.

Don't get me wrong, 'Words' do speak. But ACTION speaks louder. It tells what you don't need to say.

That's why, "Do as I do" is more effective than 'Do as I say'. 
    People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do. ~Lewis Cass




    There is a time... plan. explore. weigh. consider.

    Then, there's the time to do something... new.

    My guess is that every time that you go to your favorite restaurant, you always ask for the menu. You plan to order something you haven't tried before. You explore what's new. You weigh your options. And carefully consider what will satisfy your taste buds.

    But then... After several minutes...
    You end up ordering the same food that you always order!

    Your taste buds tell you to try something new. But your mind reminds you to stick to the familiar. It warns you, "don't take the risk!".

    Facing the unknown is uncomfortable. Like the feeling you get when you're stuck in an elevator, alone with someone you don't like kind-a-way.

    Trying something new is unnatural for us. We prefer the familiar. We prefer the calculated. We prefer to know what to expect.

    We hate disappointments yet we like good surprises.
    Many times we need to try out new things.

    We need to ...

    ... Look from a different perspective.
    ... Consider new ideas.
    ... Explore new methods.
    ... Implement new approaches.
    ... Trust a new friend.

    Don't fall in love with the old and proven 'idea'. Don't fall in-love with what's working today. It may not work for tomorrow.

    Explore the great possibilities and take a step forward. 

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    Stop, Look & Listen - Reassess Your Goals in Life

    Don’t hesitate to reassess your goals every now and then. There are things that seemed promising years ago but has become irrelevant today. You may have outdated goals in your list that you need to update.

    Take the time to Stop, Look or Listen.

    Stop • At some point, you need to stop to be able to evaluate if you need to alter your course. The time lost when you stop is less compared to the time wasted when you go full speed ahead in the wrong direction. The turn around time will cost you more.

    Look • What’s happening around you? What are the new opportunities unfolding?

    Listen • There is a big difference between hearing and listening. Be alert, pay attention and understand.

    After reassessing, go ahead and move forward to the direction that will bring you closer to your goals.

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