There is a time... plan. explore. weigh. consider.

Then, there's the time to do something... new.

My guess is that every time that you go to your favorite restaurant, you always ask for the menu. You plan to order something you haven't tried before. You explore what's new. You weigh your options. And carefully consider what will satisfy your taste buds.

But then... After several minutes...
You end up ordering the same food that you always order!

Your taste buds tell you to try something new. But your mind reminds you to stick to the familiar. It warns you, "don't take the risk!".

Facing the unknown is uncomfortable. Like the feeling you get when you're stuck in an elevator, alone with someone you don't like kind-a-way.

Trying something new is unnatural for us. We prefer the familiar. We prefer the calculated. We prefer to know what to expect.

We hate disappointments yet we like good surprises.
Many times we need to try out new things.

We need to ...

... Look from a different perspective.
... Consider new ideas.
... Explore new methods.
... Implement new approaches.
... Trust a new friend.

Don't fall in love with the old and proven 'idea'. Don't fall in-love with what's working today. It may not work for tomorrow.

Explore the great possibilities and take a step forward. 

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