Magaling ang Pinoy makisama.

Survey says that the number one success factor of distinguished Entrepreneurs are credited to their ability to get along with people.

That's an advantage for us Pinoys in the world of business. We are known to be easy to get along with. “Pakikisama” is a positive trait we are known for.

Maybe it's also one of the many reasons our OFWs succeed in foreign countries. Majority of Pinoys are easy to get along with, easy to please and easy to talk to.

We can use this pakikisama trait to productive use. Not for others to take advantage of us, but for us to be able to sincerely help others succeed.

If you're good at getting along with people, you will attract people who'll be more than willing to help you succeed as well.

Productive Tips:

  • Eradicate crab-mentality. Let’s celebrate when one of ours succeeds.
  • Let’s not think of ourselves highly than others, but consider others better
  • Let’s participate and support projects that will build a better community