From Cagayan Valley to Silicon Valley : A Story of a Pinoy Billionaire

 "A member of the technical staff" – a humble job title Mr. Banatao owned the first time he worked as a young man. Not as glamorous as he is known today – a technology tycoon.

Diosdado "Dado" Banatao is a Pinoy billionaire who made a mark in the US tech industry.

He developed computer-related technologies that the typical person (like you and me – not engineers) won't probably comprehend. You can find the technicalities of his work in here.

He is so good in what he does, that in the past, Intel wanted to compete with his start-up company but couldn't. Intel had no other choice but to buy Dado's company. That was just one of his first ventures.

Today, his company, Tallwood Venture Capital, exclusively invests in entrepreneurs who are pursuing distinctive ideas that further develop semi-conductor related technologies.

Mr. Banatao also believes in giving back. He funds Filipino-American scholars in schools all over the US. On top of that, he also has a program where he sends UP professors to University of California Berkeley for a year to work with some of their brightest professors. It's his way of helping them generate new ideas or technologies that they can use back home.

Mr. Dado flies his own private jet once in a while. But that's only a perk that he enjoys today, out of his tenacity and passion for his work.

It takes years to build a company; it’s not an overnight success; there are no shortcuts. - Dado Banatao

What's admirable about this Pinoy is not the billions that his bank enjoys to hold for him. It's his vision and passion to pursue 'what could be' rather than just settling for 'what is'.

Dado Banatao is truly a PRODUCTIVE PINOY.

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