This is going to be a short post.

You have 24 hours a day. You need at least 8 hours to sleep. You'll probably spend a couple of hours on the road commuting. If your priorities are well-defined, I'm sure you've set ample time for family and friends.

Now because you don't want a boring week, you'll probably spend some time for recreation or leisure.

Life is without meaning without spending time with your Maker. That's non-negotiable.

Now, where should you spend the remaining of your time?  

Answer – On what you do best. Operate in your area of strength instead of just spending most of your time compensating for your weaknesses.

Your assignment: Know your core-competency. What do you do best? What's so unique about you and your work? What can you bring to the table that the others can't?

This is where you should invest your precious time – on work where you make a unique difference.

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