My cousin had problems waking up early in the morning. He is always late for work. 

Every time his alarm rings, his arms would automatically reach for the snooze button. It's a reflex most of us are familiar with.

Habits are things that are formed by repetition. For many years, his arms and hands were programmed to stretch out and press that snooze button. (even if he is still half asleep or half awake)

Whenever you press snooze, you'll instantly get another 10 minutes of sleep. The question – how many times can you press the snooze button? Once, twice or thrice?

But what if you hit the wrong button? You hit “stop” instead! You can always tell your boss that it was traffic or an accident slowed you down. (or you can just tell him that you accidentally pressed the snooze button)

I gave my cousin a few tips that I thought would only work for me.

1.) Set an annoying alarm tone. Not the cute sounding tones.

2.) Place your alarm at least five steps away from you. Make sure it's not within your reach. You'll be forced to get up.

3.) Never go back to bed!

After several days, he thanked me and said it worked for him. He is always early for work. But I’m not sure though how long that lasted!