No! I don't like quitting. I admire people who are persistent.

Even if you've heard the line, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER QUIT, there are just things in life that we should turn away from. 

Here are 50 things you should quit in your lifetime. (Relationships, Health, Finance, Job, Business, Investing)


(1) a job that takes too much attention or doesn't leave time for your family

(2) work that forces you to compromise... morally

(3) careers or activities you are not good at

(4) work that won’t fulfill your financial responsibilities no matter how good you do

(5) a dead end job – quit eventually. The promotion is probably outside.

(6) a project that does not end

(7) from a company without any direction

(8) your boss if you won't learn anything from him

(9) doing something you don’t enjoy (or something that won’t bring any reward in the end)

(10) sleeping on the job. Do your best and show them what you got.


(11) a relationship that is not meant to be

(12) a relationship that puts you in a compromise

(13) a relationship that drains you (consistently)

(14) telling people what to do if you are not practicing it yourself

(15) fishing for compliment – encourage someone instead

(16) the team if you're the reason they won't win (hopefully this will bring you to your area of expertise or proper placement)


(17) a vice or any activity that negatively affects your heath

(18) activities that will not take you to the fulfillment of your goals

(19) activities that will just distract you or keep you out of focus

(20) running away from problems – find a solution

(21) predicting the future... nobody knows...

(22) being a victim. Be a victor.

(23) waiting – and start anticipating

(24) complaining – do something about it instead

(25) thinking that the grass is greener on the other side –water your garden!

(26) the status quo – stretch.

(27) thinking that it is hard – life is good but it's not a picnic

(28) day dreaming – do something

(29) pretending to be somebody you're not – you’ll be glad to meet your real self

(30) diets that will only give temporary results – change your lifestyle

(31) your gym membership – you don’t go to the gym anyway

(32) laughing at your own jokes – put some sense in your humor

(33) being an expert in a subject you are not

(34) pretending to be strong when you're weak or that you're fine when you're not

(35) focusing on your weaknesses – instead capitalize on your God-given talents

(36) singing even if you can sing well in the bathroom – hire a vocal coach!


(37) giving away freebies that your customers doesn’t appreciate

(38) services that does not add value to customers

(40) making excuses for lousy products and offerings – improve!

(41) running away from hard customers – serve them or drop them

(42) a marketing campaign that does not build loyal customers

(43) serving unprofitable markets – find a profitable niche

(44) lowering your price and start competing on value and quality

(45) teaching somebody who is not teachable

(46) overspending – start saving and investing

(47) get rich quick thinking – get rich slowly but surely

(48) investments that does not allow you to sleep well at night

(49) a business that brings money out of your pocket instead of putting in

(50) working for money. Find a way to make money work for you instead.