“Try and try until you succeed” is popular motto that Pinoys overly say. Growing up, I've heard it from an unemployed relative, a one-week piano teacher and from a classmate who love girls but gets busted all the time. 
However, sometimes the real problem is not with trying, but with 'expecting'.

We expect to hit the target the first time. 

We expect to shoot the ball in the hoop the first time we throw it. 

We expect to get a perfect score after we unwillingly give in to sing in the KTV for the first time along with friends. ("Ayoko! ayoko kumanta!" were your exact words)  

We expect to close the sale the first time we make a pitch.

We expect to succeed the first time we try. 

In archery, the archers use their first shot not to hit the target but to test and measure the strength and direction of the wind. This enables them to zero-in on the target with the remaining shots. 

That's how they are able to hit the bull’s eye. They learn from their not–so–obvious mistakes.

Isn't that great advice for all of us?

I say don’t count on beginner’s luck. Success in business, career or in any other pursuits seldom come on the first try.

Walt Disney went bankrupt several times before he went big-time.

It was a thousand attempt, before the bulb actually lit. Maybe Thomas Edison didn't expect to get it right the first hundred attempts?

Before David knocked Goliath down, he already killed a bear and a lion while protecting his father’s sheep. A special training in which God allowed him to go thru before hitting the big bull’s eye “Goliath”. 

Give yourself a break. Nobody expects you to succeed the first time anyway! (Unless if you’re a pilot or a surgeon) 

Failing will not make you a “failure”.  In fact, the permission to fail will liberate you.   

With persistence and a resilient attitude, it's just a matter of time before you hit that bull’s eye.