Out of The Abundance of the Heart, the Facebook Status Speaks

This Saturday is a special one for me. I'll be sharing the stage with my beautiful wife, Michelle, to talk about Social Media Parenting, together with our good friend and Social Media Expert, Mr. Russel Patalinghog. (Fully Booked BGC from 2pm–5pm)

As parents, we realized the need to prepare our children, not only for their offline life, but also for their ONLINE life. Whatever they do online is as important – it's an extension of their life off the screen.

Our role as parents is to prepare them to use these tools the right way. As I'd always say "Out of the abundance of the heart, the Facebook Status speaks!"

There are many learnings or benefits on being connected, but there are real threats and dangers too. And in this learning session, we hope to be able to equip the parents on how they can use social media to protect their children, and at the same time, raise them with the right heart and the right values.

There are few seats left. Hope you can join us! Visit START LEARNING or http://tinyurl.com/digitalparent to register.