Do The Hard Part | Entrepreneurship

The fun part in a startup - coming up with ideas, the brainstorming sessions, and the 'dreaming' of endless possibilities.

Many people will spend most of their startup time talking about how cool their ideas are. And yes, in a way, most of them are also seeking for validation.

The discouragement starts when the people they talk to don't share the same excitement. At this point, some will quit without even trying. But that's not even the hard part.

The hard part is doing the real work. It's translating ideas into actual products or services. It's raising or saving enough money for the venture.

Designing a product is fun. Launching a product that people are willing to pay for is another thing.

It's exciting to close your first sale or customer. It's a challenge or a struggle to breakeven or to hit profitability.

Starting a business is an adventure. It's fun, exciting, and yes, it's not easy. If you are starting one, make sure to anticipate and prepare for both sides of the story.

Having great ideas doesn't make you an entrepreneur. Doing the hart part will.