Why "Struggling" is Not Always a Bad Thing

Most people will accept their circumstance as it is. 

No, not you. You are struggling. 

You're going against the flow. You're fighting for change. You're breaking free from a restraint. 

Sometimes, you'll try your best but won't succeed. You'll give, but won't receive. You'll go to bed, but won't be able to sleep.

No one said it's going to be easy.

It's a struggle to start, to keep at it, to finish. But keep going. Keep on moving. Keep on praying. 

To realize whatever it is that you want to achieve, (financial freedom, healthy living, spiritual breakthrough) you'll have to keep on believing.

There's an easy way out to stop the struggle – quit, give in or settle for less. 

But you're smarter than that.

We can overcome.