"Follow your passion and the money will just follow." That's a popular saying, but it doesn't mean it's entirely true.  

There are many things we do passionately in life that might not bring monetary returns. But we do it anyway out of love, out of generosity, or as a response to a greater purpose that we believe in. 

Money is not the best cue or gauge to validate the importance of the work that you do.

There are many people who are earning less that are doing important work and there are many high-paid individuals who we can live without. 

The rewards for great work vary. It's not always money. 

Even better to realize, sometimes, the work is the reward itself. 

YENG REMULLA is the author of the best-selling books Productive Pinoy & Start Something. An entrepreneur for 15 years, a real estate investor and the founder partner of START LEARNING.