A lot of people are 'marksmen' when it comes to shooting down other people's ideas. They'll make a career out of it. And sometimes, we even fail to get the support of the people closest to us.

No wonder many of us hesitate to start. 

If you've been contemplating on starting, but couldn't because of this reason, please allow me to invite you...

Every week, I'll be organizing a small group (4–6 people only) of Start-up Entrepreneurs. In the meeting, you can freely talk about the project or the business that you've been planning to start. The purpose of the meet-up is to exchange ideas. So we can all learn from each other.

The meet up is free of charge. Just bring money for your coffee. 

All I'll ask is a small favor, get a copy of the START SOMETHING book (at Powerbooks or National Bookstore) then start reading it. That should give you a head start. By reading it, you might just get the answers to your initial questions.

Then let's coordinate and meet up to discuss the opportunity, business, or project that you've been thinking about.

Up to it? Sign-up below!

Update: Next meet-up will be on September 23, Monday 6pm–8pm at Starbucks 4th Level in SM Megamall. This specific meet up is ideal for bloggers, aspiring authors or speakers.

Please let us know on the "Leave a message..." portion below if you're joining this meeting. Thanks!

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