There are two good reasons why you should work for a company or start your own business – to Earn or to Learn. 

Because of your responsibilities, earning may be your top priority today. That is understandable.

But it's also wise to spend some time "learning." Learning may cost you today, but it will pay off and will be worth much more later. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may put up a small business, not necessarily to earn or to make it big, but to learn the disciplines of running a business. 

Learning (the right stuff) is extremely valuable and may increase your earnings later on.

Another way to do it is to work for a company where you can learn the ins and outs of the business or the trade. 

Both can work well.

The danger is to be too busy working without an objective. 

Be intentional and ask yourself, "Is it time for me to learn or to earn?"

Of course, you can always do both.


YENG REMULLA is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Productive Pinoy. He is also the founding-partner of Start Learning. Visit http://www.startlearningph.com/