Ask me what my priorities were 10 years ago, my answer will be a lot different from my priorities today. 

10 years ago, my eldest son was just for 4 years old while my second is just newly born. I have two kids then. Now I have three. My family has grown bigger. It seems that we are done with milk and diapers. Now I am thinking of how to pay for their college education. 

Ask me what my business goals were a decade ago, you'll also find out that it's also very different from my goals today. I was more aggressive then, I'm a bit more conservative now. The ups and downs I went thru in business (and in life) has thought me well how to move both in faith and in wisdom.

Our priorities will change over time. What mattered to you before, may not be the same thing that matters to you today.

Your responsibilities will become broader. Eventually, your perspective will shift from short-term to long-term.The stakes will always change.

You can't live today with the same thinking you had 10 years ago. Somehow, you need to re-evaluate where you stand. You need to re-examine the way you do things. You need to find out what really matters to you today. 

Keep in mind:

1. Re-evaluate your priorities.

2. Focus on what matters today. 

3. Commit to continuous improvement.