1. Take the time to Thank God...

...not just for the 13th month pay! Yey.

Thank Him for the life that you have. It may not be perfect, but I'm sure you are thankful for many things.

"Thank you Jesus night" is a Christmas tradition that we do every December. My wife and I along with our kids, block off a night to count our blessings. We write it down.

It's a simple activity. Cut the paper into small pieces. On each piece, write one thing you're thanking God for. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Then take turns and share with each other what you wrote. After reading one, put the piece of paper in the box.

"Thank you Jesus for _________." You will be surprised with what your kids will remember.

When you're done, seal the box and keep it as a family treasure. As of this date, we have records up to 2003. Play music and serve hot chocolate. Enjoy!

2. Live as if it's your last 30 days on earth.

The holidays prompt us Pinoys to eat this way – as if it's our last days on earth. With all the exquisite food in front of you, how could you say no? No wonder, "to lose weight" is #1 in the new year's resolutions list.

It's fun to attend parties, but don't forget the essentials – the people you love, the work you're called to do and your quiet time/rest. Make time, don't find time.

3. Plan for year 2012.

Ready or not, the year will start. Be prepared to hear someone say, "Ambilis 2012 na!"

Start the year with a clear direction, an action plan and with the confidence that comes with preparation.

Some questions ...
  • What are the changes that you want to implement in your life or business this coming year? 
  • What are new things you're considering to pursue?
  • What's one thing that you've been putting off for the last few years? 

4. Start going to Church this December.

If you haven't been to one, there are many Christian churches you can attend to. I go to Victory Alabang.

I go to church for three reasons:

First, to hear from God.
Faith comes from hearing the Word. It's how I know God's will for my life.

Second, to spend time with God's people. Somehow, our destinies are intertwined. I get to learn from others. We help and build up each other. Our kids grow together. We share lives.

Third, to worship the Lord. It's the only thing I can give to God. Everything else is for my benefit.

I know. The first time I attended a Christian Church, I didn't get it too. I thought people were singing and dancing to entertain themselves.

Now I understand. It's to give honor and praise to God.

Just like what the Magi did after traveling from afar. As soon as they arrived the place where Jesus was born, the first thing they did was to bow down and worship him. Likewise, let's use our time this season, to honor our LORD and Savior, Jesus.