Walk into a bookstore aisle, you'll see hundreds of books with a title that reads something like "The Secret to Success."

It comes in different forms, sizes, colors – written by different authors from diverse industries. Every book attempts to unfold 'the secret' to building wealth. From attracting good 'vibes' to 'no money down' deals, you won't know which book to pick up first. You'll end up more confused.

There are many techniques, know-how or life skills one can learn. There are many stories that can inspire, motivate or move us toward our dreams.

But the question remains, "What is success to us?"

No doubt, more money in the bank, isn't. You've seen rich men die broke and empty. Even power, fame and fortune is a boring story you don't want to watch in the cinema nowadays.

Instead, most of us picture success as 'the good life.' Yes, the families you see in the insurance brochures, corned beef TV commercials and housing billboards. To some, it's about owning their own time and being able to do their own thing.

We've gone a step smarter. Now, we are not just after the money, but we are looking for freedom, healthy relationships, security, significance and meaning.

All of which we have the tendency to try to attain on our own.

No matter how smart, sincere or persevering we are, the day when "nothing seems to be working" comes. We try harder, but that seems to make things worst.

Don't quit.

Yes, a life of abundance is waiting for you, but you need to look in the right direction. You may need to take a u-turn. Go back to where you're supposed to be.

You may have forgotten that you were never alone. He has always been with you. He has witnessed your challenges. He felt your heartaches. He understands your situation.

There's no secret to success. It's been there for you to know all along. Stop looking in the wrong places.

"He who pursues righteousness (close & right relationship with God) and love, finds life, prosperity, and honor."  – Proverbs 21:21

Take a fresh look. Renew your pursuit.

Love God. Love your neighbors. Move within His favor.

Pursue Him.

Life, prosperity and honor will follow.