Are you thinking of doing something that's very ambitious?

Wait for a few seconds. 

You'll hear a voice in your head saying... "Hindi mo kaya yan." Four ordinary words, but when you put it together, it's deadly. It will instantly kill your idea. Negativity will follow.

"You don't have enough experience."

"Nobody will back you up."

"No one will like your work."

"Hindi ka marunong mag-english."

"Wala ka namang kilala."

"Baka mapahiya ka lang."

There's a long list of reasons why shouldn't act on your dream. 

Some are valid concerns, though many are just fears. 

You end up dismissing the idea or you proceed with caution, fear or worry – paranoid that you're bound to fail.

How do you move forward?

1. Face the valid concerns.

If you're feeling inadequate, then take the time to equip yourself. Acquire whatever 'skill' or 'know-how' that you'll need. Set a month or two to learn. If that's not enough, set aside more time or find someone who can help you.

Operate in your God-given strengths. You've been given this gift for a purpose. Align your gift with work or pursuits that are worth doing.

Ask questions. Even what appears to be a stupid question can bring out a revelation or an insight only if you'll ask. Figure out how things work. Experiment. Poke around.

Laziness will tell you 'bahala na', but preparation will make things easier for you. 

Always find out the worst case scenario. If all else fails, what can you do to recover? Do your homework. 

Proper planning will not only minimize your risks, but it will also maximize your success.

2. Conquer your fears.

Let's admit it. Nobody wants to fail.

"Nakakahiya pumalpak." You may be thinking, "What will they think of me?" or "What if nobody likes my work?"

That's how I felt the first time I asked my friends to read the draft of my book, Productive Pinoy. Later on, I realized that I have more to gain than to lose.

The uneasiness is temporary. It's what you do with the feedback or criticism that matters. Use it to make your work better.

3. Start trying.


The first time my mom offered it to me, I didn't know what to say. 

Why in the world will I eat raw fish?

I tried anyway. If I didn't, I'd be missing a lot of good food today.

You've got to start trying. Even if it's just a small bite. Trying allows you to discover things for yourself. Remember when Peter asked Jesus if he could also walk on water? Well, Peter did. He was the only person to be able to do so in human history.

Who knows?

You'll probably know what to do once you get started. Along the way, you'll probably meet the people who'd be willing to help you. Most likely, you'll achieve more than you've hoped for.

Not trying is as good as failing. Give yourself the chance to succeed.

Instead of believing that discouraging voice that's stopping you, tell yourself... "Kaya to."

Instead of putting down a friend, tell her ... "Kaya mo."

Instead of feeling inadequate, let's tell ourselves... "Kaya natin."

When you're tired, shout it out loud... "Kaya pa."

When you feel hopeless, look up, maniwala ka, "Kaya nya."


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