Pinoys are masters when it comes to blending in or pakikibagay.

We can easily conform and go with the flow. We are careful not to make a scene. To be called as 'one of the guys' will always be counted as a compliment. If needed, we will even exert an extra effort not to be seen as 'different'.

We try not to stand out because we are afraid to be misunderstood.

You will notice this in simple conversations. When someone compliments a person, “ang galing mo naman,” the initial response would be, “hindi naman... nahirapan nga ako eh." Instead of just saying “Thank you”, we try to be modest.

Or maybe you've had this conversation with your friend...

Friend: "Huy, ang ganda naman ng shirt mo." 

You: "Divi lang yan."

Friend: "Ows?"

You: "Oo no, inutang ko lang nga yan eh!"

She didn't ask where you bought it! But somehow, you answered this way because you don't want her to think it's expensive or that you've spent for yourself.

It's the same with our work. We don't want the people around us to think that we are too good or too competitive. We'd rather wait for a go signal than take initiative because we don't want to be labeled as 'bibo'. So, we stick to the predictable. We avoid being a stand out. We conform and do only what's expected or required.

There's nothing wrong with being extraordinary.

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the word 'extra'. It's through these 'extras' that you're able to contribute – uniquely. It's how you make an impact in the lives of others. It's what you bring to the table. It's what others can't offer, and only you can. It's how you differentiate yourself, in a good way.

Let your unique style add color to the big picture.

It's OK to be an extraordinary Pinoy. It's OK to stand out.

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