Decisions That Are Key to Success

Success isn't just a destination where you "arrive." But is built (or lived) one decision at a time – over a long period of time. 

And the decisions that make a lot of difference aren't the obvious ones or the ones visible to the naked eye.

In my life, here are just some of the important decisions that I take seriously:

1. To Honor God in everything that I do.

2. To be faithful to my wife. To raise my children well and prepare them for the challenges of life. To prioritize my time with family. 

3. To do good and give back to community whenever possible.

4. To always under-promise, then over-deliver.

5. To solve problems, instead of complaining. 

6. To continuously sow, so I can regularly reap.

7. To invest for the long-term. (time, money, relationships)

8. To improve continuously in everything that I do. (real estate, entrepreneurship, personal finance, speaking, writing, etc)

9. To respond well to challenges. (God will allow trials to build our character)

10. To never compare myself to others. Because of God's grace, I can be content regardless of how much I have or don't have.

What are the decisions that are key to your success?