I rarely talk about "passion." Not that I am not passionate.

I am passionate about several things. My passion has led me to achieve major aspirations I never thought I could do. But with the same passion or my immature zealousness, I've also failed miserably in a few things I've done before. (a painful lesson)

What I've learned in life is that 'passion' isn't enough. 

You can't just live on passion. 

You also need wisdom. 

Wisdom is the ability to make the right decision at a given time, context or situation. So, how do you get wisdom?

1. Pray and read the Bible.
The bible says "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom…" (Psalm 111:10) To know what to do, pray and ask Someone who knows what's best for you. He holds the bigger picture. 

2. Ask an adviser. 
Asking for advice isn't a sign of weakness. It won't make you look dumb. In fact, with many advisers, you have a better chance of succeeding in any endeavor. Don't be too shy to ask. 

3. Don't wear yourself out chasing "MORE" money. Instead, show restraint and put your time on living out your "purpose." Do this, and most likely, the money or provision will follow. 

Self-centered pursuits or a get-rich-quick aspiration won't do you any good. The key is to be passionate about the right things. 

4. Learn from your mistakes. 
If you fail, get up again, then apply what you've learned. Don't let a failed business, project or a failed attempt stop you. Don't get stuck living in a "state of failure." You won't learn if you won't move on!

5. Win small victories. 
Even small battles can teach you big lessons. Be faithful even with the little. Small victories will lead to bigger opportunities. 

6. Remain humble. 
Pride often leads to a loss of respect. (see Pr 11:2Be willing to listen. Consider the point of view of others. Put other people first and be of service to them.