The management of a big corporation invited us to give a presentation in their office. 

When we entered their building, the guards demanded for our IDs and pointed to us the location of the office in a rude manner. They failed to address us properly, didn't even look at us in the eye, and used their sticks to tap the table, saying "put your IDs here."

They treated everyone who entered the building this way, as if they were the bosses. 

We met the management team and found them all to be courteous and kind. They welcomed us like VIPs.

Here's the funny part, when we asked them about their training needs, the first thing they said was, "Customer Service!" 

Customer Service is everyone's job. 

Whether it's the people in the frontline (guards, attendants, delivery) or the people in the backroom, (accounting, clerks, cooks, designers, maintenance crew) they all have a contribution to customer satisfaction. 

Each person represents the company – possesing the power to "make or break" the company's reputation or brand.  

In your organization, make it everyone's job to make your customers happy.

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