1. Contribute.
You are part of a team (company) not just to perform certain duties, but to contribute to its success. You'll know you are in the best placement when you add value, not only to the company, but to others as well. 

The work that you do [should] matter. 

2. Learn new things.
The classroom may teach you a thing or two, but real learning happens on-the-job – in real life experiences. 

Your willingness to learn (and poke around) now will determine what you will be able to do later in your career or in your life. Yes, you may not like your job today, but learning from it may still be useful.

3. Build life-long relationships.
Companies may fold, jobs may be outsourced, even our own interest may change. One thing that won't go away is our need to 'relate' with others. 

You don't have to go to work just for the sake of work. Relationships do matter. It is what makes us human.

* * *

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