What if, just like the MENTALIST, you are able to read between the lines? You easily figure out facts and problems, only 5 minutes in the scene.

Imagine what you can do with the same skill set? Use it in your business, in your work, or career. Use the same skill set when leading people.

How many customers will be happy to do business with you if you have the same intuition and problem solving skills? Your employer will promote you quicker than expected. People will flock to follow your leadership.

Though we can't live this fictional character, we can start learning from this guy.

Notice the small details...

Find out other people's motivation and intention...

Learn how to read between the lines.



I took the photo below when we had our vacation in Bangkok last December. We stayed there for 5 nights. 

One of our main agenda was to enjoy it's local food. We ate in familiar places like the Siam Center, MBK, Center World and the Suan lum Night Market. Whether in a food court or in a nice restaurant, I would make it a point to order Pad Thai.

One night, after going on a bargain shopping in the 'Baiyoke' Pratunam area, we passed by an alley with a couple of street food vendors. It was a lane filled with irresistible delicacies.

From afar, I noticed a corner with a lot of people standing around something. It was like a commotion.  Now, because I came from the country of uziseros, I stopped and looked what's the buzz all about. Who knows? Maybe it's Jackie Chan.

It was this Pad Thai vendor.

I stopped for a few minutes to watch him cook. One by one, he placed the ingredients gracefully, like an action movie scene in slow motion. He worked flawlessly. He made cooking like an artwork.
He gave me no choice, but to order. Besides, no one stopped me. (Obviously, my wife was too busy..... shopping)

For only 40 Baht (70% less of what I paid in the restaurant), that was the best Pad Thai I've tasted in Bangkok. 

As of writing, I've forgotten what's the food like in MBK or Siam, but I definitely won't forget this guy who made this awesome Pad Thai.

When it comes to your work, are you memorable?