There are many good ideas out there.

But not all ideas will go into implementation, practice or production. Even the really good ones won't get enough attention it deserves.

The ideas that get noticed, discussed and put into action are not the "logical ones" but the ones that create an "emotional" connection.

Ideas that resonate with people.

Joe Rohde is a veteran executive who worked for Disney as an Imagineer. He told the management that he wanted to design and build an animal-based theme park. But somehow, he can't persuade the Disney management.

Did he stop pitching his idea?

No, he didn't.

On the next corporate meeting, he brought a 400-pound Bengal Tiger with him.

Now, say hello to Animal Kingdom – one of the largest Disney theme park in the world.

How to sell your ideas? Don't just give out more information. Find a way to move people.


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